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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: POI Serialization code committed
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:56:28 GMT

>>Cocoon is becoming overcrowded with optional components, and this is a
>>For this, I think that we need a contrib section, which is optimal for
>>Cocoon IMHO. In the near future it will be the famous "Cocoon Blocks"
>>I'm +1 for this. I'm refactoring examples in this direction, and will

I think I failed to express that properly.  Thats what I was trying to
get at.

non-binding +1

>+1 also. But IMO we should distinguish "contrib" and "optional" :
>- "contrib" means donated (and accepted) code that didn't find a better
> place, but is not actively maintained by the Cocoon team,
>- "optional" means code that is related to a third party library that
>isn't core to Cocoon, and supported and maintained by the team.


>We have also to be very careful that these sections don't become a
>mess, and that they have good visibility so that users know what's


>>There is also a strong user need for XML serialization of POI formats,
>>this is another fact.
>>I have the same feeling Sylvian has, that there is a need for xml
>>serialization outside Cocoon, and AFAIK noone argued against this
>>But we all should remember that POI is still in early stages in
>>other than Excel, and it has to stay tightly focused if it wants to
>>fast; this is how Andy and Marc made the project get to current level,
>>it's a strategy that works.
>>I understand that this XML conversion stuff is not a thing that only
>>needs, but this can be said also to of cocoon contributions.
>>All Cocoon Generators, Serializers and Transformers could be used out
>>Cocoon, and IMHO this could make a cool project itself.

>For generators, it has been shown that a lot of them can be designed as
>a Source. And Source has been moved to Avalon Excalibur. Cocoon is
>using it's own source because Avalon source is not yet official, but
>switch is likely to come in the forthcoming months. And then, Avalon 
>people are likely to have the same feeling for Cocoon than Cocoon has 
>today about the POI serializer...

+1/+0 - My Avalon knowledge is limited.  I'll probably go along with
whomever contributes to the efforts decision.


>I think that the best solution now is to make a contrib section, move
>all stuff that is not core Cocoon, and investigate on making wrappers
>make these Components act also autonomously.
>What do you think?



>>It seems to me as a fair solution for all.



-- - port of Excel/Word/OLE 2 Compound
                            format to java 
			- fix java generics!
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