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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject RE: SchemoX forms
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:53:33 GMT
> From: Ivelin Ivanov [] 
> Konstantin,
> Since the all XML/XSL form validation and presentation is 
> already available
> and somewhat useful, as Jeremy demoed,
> I would now like to do the all Java extreme.
> I got the Schematron validation of JavaBeans/DOM working with 
> XSL templates,
> but I decided to implement an even more efficient JXPath 
> based schematron
> validation.
> I would also like to line up with Torsten (and your) 
> preference of the XForm
> style.

That's great!

> > Just look at the sample XForms example that I've sent a 
> while ago and
> > imagine that initialization of field values where performed 
> on the server
> > side. Error messages also can be assigned to fields.
> Can you forward me that example again. I can't recall which one is it.

I've attached my XForms sample, it contains an XForms.xml with a form
description, data bindings and instance data. The second file - XForms.xsl -
is a stylesheet that ties all that stuff together then displays as HTML. It
requires Xalan 2.3 (2.2 has a bug) to run (I've used Xalan extension for
dynamic XPath evaluations that were required).

Btw, does your validation code take into account the field-set of the
current form? I think that it would help to solve the problem with
'phase-based' validation. Having information about the visible (or relevant)
fields for the current request will allow to perform partial validation of
the data. But here comes another issue: on what event to perform the full
validation, including dependency checks? Maybe different validation rules
depending on the user actions (or, maybe it's better to call them events:
input, finish, cancel, etc.)?

> I would also like to encourage readers to see Torsten's code 
> and share their
> thoughts on how they'd like to see form binding/validation 
> done in Cocoon.
> As the general lesson of live states, if you want to see 
> something done in a
> way you like, say it !



> Ivelin
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