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From Mats Norén <>
Subject SourceResolver issue
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:49:43 GMT
I´m having trouble understanding the different SourceResolvers in Cocoon.
Inside an Action I try to build an object representation of a page in our
application language.
I use a modified SAXPF SAXEventDriver, which is essentially a state machine
with XML mappings to java objects.
In the act() method of my Action I do a lookup for a SAXEventDriver from the
ComponentManager and then feed it sax-events from a source file. This works
great up to a certain point. :(
In the XML file I´m parsing I have href attributes with relative URI:s.
These hrefs need to be processed and here comes my problem. All my builder
classes have access to the ComponentManager since the SAXDriver itself
implements Composable, however, I don´t have access to the SourceResolver
from my Action and I have no way of getting a reference to it because the
driver configures itself and all it´s states in it´s configure() method.
I´ve tried using the SourceHandler implementation via the ComponentManager
but it seems that the relative uri:s doesn´t get resolved. All I get is
malformed url exceptions since the uri is obviously malformed without the
protocol part... :)
Using the SourceResolver/Environment works flawlessly. Can I obtain a
reference to it from another Component by using the ComponentManager?

/Regards Mats

Great job with the new release!

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