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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: C2 Bug Locating Tips
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:34:48 GMT
> From: Stuart Roebuck []
>              +---------------------------------------------+
>              +---------------------------------------------+
> unfortunately, I don't have a great deal of my own, but I'm happy to
> compile other peoples into something useful if anyone would like to
> contribute some suggestions on how I might track down an apparent
> leak in the recent CVS versions of Cocoon!
> Seeing as there is talk of... *A NEW RELEASE*...I thought it was time
> did some work on ironing this problem out now.
> My setup is:
> 		Cocoon 2 (latest CVS) - but problems have occurred for a
> or so now.
> 		Tomcat 4.0.1
> 		Mac OS X 10.1.3 (latest Java release) - but problems
> before it.
> After a modest amount of Cocoon action, I get an OutOfMemoryError in
> Tomcat localhost_log (see below) and to be completely honest, I
> much of a clue how I'm going to track down the associated memory leak.
> 	(  which reminds me - how do you stop debug level messages    )
>      (  appearing in the Tomcat localhost_log file?  Changing all  )
>      (  the references to "DEBUG" in logkit.conf turns off DEBUG   )
>      (  level output in the WEB-INF/logs directory, but not in     )
>      (  the Tomcat log directory.                                  )
> I'm now using the Pizza compiler, so the associated Javac memory leak
> shouldn't be there.
> I've reduced the store-janitor heapsize value from the default
> to 60000000 running from a default Mac OS X Java configuration of 64Mb
> max heap and this appears to delay the onset of problems.
> The problems weren't present in the past, and we currently have a
> pre-release site <> running on an older
> Cocoon 2 release which doesn't exhibit this behaviour.  It's running
> a FreeBSD based machine, but it was developed without problems on Mac
> X (with the release of Cocoon it is running on on FreeBSD).
> So I'm inclined to think that the problem is something that has been
> introduced in Cocoon, rather than anything platform specific or
> sitemap / processing specific - but I could be wrong.

Still, for anyone to debug your leak, one has to know what components
you are using. Some components could have memory leak, while others do
not. So, /please provide list of used components/ :)

> Significant things that have changed (and are being used) between the
> reliable version and the current include:
> 	Xerces 1.4.4 --> Xerces 2.0.x
> 	TreeProcessor
> 	JispStore
> 	Pizza compiler
> This may or may not be connected with:
> 	<>

I fail to see connection...

> Any thoughts, hints, suggestions?

*Memory leak debugging how-to:*

1. Download trial of OptimizeIt
2. Decrease pool sizes to the minimum
3. Launch Tomcat/Cocoon
4. Exercise app for a while
5. Run gc several times (button on OptimizeIt's toolbar)
6. Click on "mark"
7. Access one URL once
8. Repeat 5
9. Sort by object count difference
10. View allocation backtraces of the objects which count increased.
11. Repeat 5-10 for all URLs.

If everywhere you see +0 - no memory leaks found.


> Stuart.


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