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From "Christofer Dutz" <>
Subject eXist component for Cocoon
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2002 15:50:08 GMT


I have almost finished a first version of a eXist component which allows
eXist to be configured and run from within Cocoon. Everything worked
absolutely fine except one thing. When starting eXist you are usually
able to start up a XML-RPC server for answering XML-RPC requests. When
starting this service I get a " Address in use:
JVM_Bind" no matter what port I configure eXist to use as RPC-Port. I
guess that there could be a problem with staring the small Webserver for
serving RPC-Calls. Is there already a XML-RPC server running with Cocoon
and I can simply connect to It?

The code producing the exception is:


                    try {


                        WebServer webServer = new WebServer(rpcPort);
// create a webserver on a give port

                        RpcServer rpcserv = new RpcServer(config);
// create an eXist RPC-server instance

                        webServer.addHandler("$default", rpcserv);
// add the eXist RPC handler to the webserver

                        if (this.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {

                            this.getLogger().debug("Exist RPC-Server


                    } catch (IOException ioe) {

                        this.getLogger().debug("IOException - Error
starting RPC-Server ", ioe);



Any ideas?


Another question. When looking at the logs it looks like the
initialisation process of most components is run twice on every start up
. why?


Thanx in advance, 


Christofer Dutz


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