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From acoliver <>
Subject New Project: Cocoon Best Practices Example/Documentation
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:23:04 GMT
Hi All,

I'm about to start on a "best practices" webapp example effort for
Cocoon.  I've added a number of enhancements to an existing PERL site  The site is a reverse auction site.
They've agreed to let me rewrite the site and use it as a live example
for a Cocoon web application and donate all the sources as an example.
For the moment I plan to start this on my CVS repository
( and give access to those who wishs to
participate.  I plan on adding a full regular style
auction to the example that can be configured on/off along with other
features of the site.  (My client doesn't want a regular auction but I think
it will assist in making the example clear).  Brother Barozzi has
volunteered to make regular commits of this into Cocoon contrib.  

I plan to create a more expansive version of the kind of getting started
guide I committed for Jakarta Lucene
( that will
cover not only setup but the whys, ends and outs for the purpose of
explaining how to create Cocoon-based web applications.

I'd love it if cross sections of the community could lend me their
thoughts on the best practices for a webapp or even participate in the
development (if they are interested).

To start the discussion I have a question: it is unclear to me how to
best map from form elements to validation and business logic.  I dislike
the approach of sticking validation in the page and posting back to it
for an error page.  Would the new Castor component be appropriate or is
there a better solution?  If not then when we get to that part (which will
be fairly soon) how can I help?

Once the *best practices* example part of this effort is done, I'm going
to move ahead with enhancements that I'm paid to produce such as a
classified section, etc.  I'll donate these into the example where
approrpiate (read: if they don't explain anything and aren't particularly
useful outside of the live site, then I won't clutter up the example).



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