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From acoliver <>
Subject Re: RE: POI serialization code committed
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 22:10:13 GMT
Appologies to those who get this twice.


>> Can you be a bit more specific?  Is this something other than the
>> bug?
>I'm not aware of POI bug list... Here are my observations:

you can access it here if you like:

>1. Select any cell, toolbar formatting does not show font name (this
>might be ok... but I'm not so sure)

Yes.  This is more of a feature then bug so to speak.  We don't currently do
*font conversion* in the serializer.  Meaning Helvetica=Arial, etc.  Mostly
because of my complete ignorance of typefaces :-).  Just FYI the font is set
correctly, just your Windows box doesn't have Helvetica or whatever font was
in the XML.  If anyone has a comprehensive list of these or or wants to add 
this pretty simple attribute replacement, please feel free to send the list
to me or go ahead and fix it.  This should probably be done in a utility
class shared between POI and Cocoon (probably via the POI jar).

For the moment, you can work around it by setting the font to one Windows
supports in your XML.  Most of the samples don't do this because of their
dual purpose.  The samples are reasonably advanced spreadsheets.  We should
probably have some more "happy day" samples more like the root Cocoon
samples, but I really like what Ken's done with the samples because they
kinda follow the whole "Design by Test" principal.  They excercise features
we don't even support yet in the hopes that they'll show and test the
features as they develop!

>2. Right - click on the cell C3, select "Format Cells...", dialog is not
>coming up. Same can be observed for other cells too, like C5, C7, C9,
>C11, C13, C15, B15, A3, A5, A7, A9, A11, A13, A15, D15 :-( )

Yes this is a known bug in HSSF.  I'm not sure whether Glen has tracked this
down yet.  Any thoughts on this Glen?

>3. Cells B15, C15 are empty (loss row does not have any numbers)
>I think this one have alignment bug. B1 shows "DOSDOS", and A15 shows
>"Totals:Totals:Totals:...". Changing alignment of the A15 and B1 to the
>"right" fixes the bug. :-/

Yes, this is the alignment bug.  If you select the cell and set the
alignment to left or whatver it sets the cell alignment.  This problem
doesn't occur generally when using the API because one normally sets the
alignment.  The XML doesn't always.  Fixing this bug is my top priority this

>Does it make any sense to you?

Yes!  Thank you.  I'll submit patches for the alignment bug hopefully this
weekend.  I'll check with Glen on the format window issue.  

If anyone has any ideas on Font conversion, please let me know!  This gets
into the kinda think I'm not particularly knowledgeable in (pretty stuff).



>> -Andy

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