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From "Mikhail Fedotov" <>
Subject Re: EmaiTransformer & SQLTransformer
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 15:35:12 GMT

> I guess it would be perfect, for example, to get some
>  addresses from database in SQLTransformer and send email
>  to addresses returned, this gives simple way to build
>  maillists, for example.

Hmm, just figured out that this can be done by using
 aggregator with ESQL. Most times.

Also, I've got some ideas about subcomponent object model.

The picture:

              /-- subpipeline1 --\
pipeline1 -(1)-                  -(2)- pipeline2
              \-- subpipeline2 --/

I.e. one pipeline starts, splits, and then results are
 being aggregate. Subpipelines are executing some
 transformers like executing SQL queries in one and sending
 email in another.

First stage is about splitting things apart, and second
 about aggregating. But that if we'll just aggregate ? Then
 all we have to specify is that we aggregate subpipelines,
 and they BOTH requre as a source SAX stream at (1). 

ps. BTW, is there any "request-time" caching implemented ?
 This can be useful for some non-cacheable resources that
 are used several times while processing request, this is
 one of such cases.


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