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From "Mikhail Fedotov" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Symmetry (short :)
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 12:53:11 GMT

> This asymmetric limitation is intentional and due to the
>  architecture of the web: the response goes back to the
> requestor. Always.
> In SMTP, for example, this is different.

I'm not thinking about cocoon as a tool only for formatting
 and showing requested stuff. For example, I might need to
 send a message via email or any other way without any
 response, and then get response in the form of another
 request from remote system. Meaningful response in both
 cases would be "I've got your message, thanks" or
 "something wrong at the stage or parsing or processing or
 sending, when the actual sending happens in some

So there is no programming problem with that asynchronous
 stuff if the whole process doesn't take much time, if just
 has to be done as an transformer which does the job of
 serializing your stuff the way you want and then gives
 back simple response to say that everything is ok.

The only problem is that this transformer does things that
 thasformers aren't supposed to do, but it don't think it
 is a big problem.

Hmm... We have some email-related logicsheets. Why don't
 implement the same thing as a transformer ? One XML on
 input with email-related fragment, another XML on output
 with that fragment replaced with "Your message was sent
 successfuly" stuff, and then we apply some fancy
 formatting using xslt formatter. This way we can evade
 compiling of xsp.


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