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From Donald Ball <>
Subject xsp engine hangs after upgrading to 2.0.1
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 05:36:14 GMT
hey guys. i was trying to help someone convert a webapp from 2.0.0 to
2.0.1. we replaced all of the libraries and logkit conf file, and merged
the cocoon.xconf and sitemap.xmap changes. so far, so good. started up
tomcat and saw that the sitemap compiled properly, hooray.

however, when we tried to hit a pipeline starting with an xsp page, the
webapp never responded. the jvm started using almost 100% of the cpu but
nothing ever happened. the logs indicate that the request is directed to
the proper pipeline, and then it looks like it tried to create a component
for the xsp page, but nothing interesting happens thereafter. the .java
file for the xsp page is never created, and there are no stack traces or
any other useful debugging information in the logs.

it's running on an nt box, jdk-1.3.1, tomcat-4.0.2. any suggestions?

(apologies if this belongs on the users list, but i thought the active
developers would be interested to know of problems upgrading. the webapp
does work fine with 2.0.0)

- donald

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