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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, XForms, ExFormula, Chiba, Struts, etc
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:48:35 GMT


> > Can we try to unify and finish the job started, so that Cocoon moves to the
> > next level.

Would be cool...

> There isn't anything on the architecture of chiba available so I have
> no idea how closely related chiba to XForms support in Cocoon would
> be.

I've also tried to find some information about chiba... didn't yet have
the time to install and try it out.

Although I guess XForm is about to become a RC sooner or later it doesn't
yet go well with the current technologies available.

Looking into XUL from mozilla could be an interesting alternative...
(although they do not aim completely into the same direction!!)

I haven't had a look into the XForm spec since the exformula stuff. I hope
they fixed some stuff. That days it still felt somehow immature. They spec
didn't say anything how selected options in a multi select optionbox was
supposed to look like in the instance e.g. :-/

I am back again a bit sceptic...

> For Cocoon, I see two different and in part unrelated areas:
> a) populate the form
> b) Given that the client does support XForms, migrate the existing
>    actions to be XForms based i.e. make them aware of the changed
>    communication protocol.
> c) For clients that do not support XForms
>    c1) have XForms output translated to XHTML
>    c2) have the returned results transformed to an XML representation
>        like an XForms aware client would generate.
>    c3) validate the input


> I'm currently working on decoupling sitemap components from the input
> layer, making that plugable. I think it could help with b)

Sounds interesting... could already post some more information. We've
maybe implemented something similar...

> I think c2) would be easy. I'm not quite sure if suitable components
> exist already. I believe I came across some that looked quite
> promising but didn't investigate it any further.
> For c3 it looked like that could be done by e.g. Xerces like you said
> above.
> Probably c1 is the most complicated part.

As I remember c1) isn't yet possible with the current XSLT
spec/implementation. It's only possible with extension functions :-(ugly)

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