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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: schedule/batch feature inside cocoon
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:57:15 GMT
> > first, i really like the cocoon framework. but unfortunally i am missing
> > something, that's (i know) not so usual for servlet based applications.
> > i've just implemented some kind of html parsing logic inside cocoon, which
> > now looks very nice (thanx to cocoon). but i can't start the whole parsing
> > process as a scheduled task, without using a tool outside cocoon.
> >
> > but before i start hacking something together for myself, i thought that
> > maybe it would be a cool feature for cocoon. so i am asking you about your
> > opinion for such a feature inside cocoon.
> >
> > cool would be, if it would also be configurable inside the sitemap, like a
> > matcher. but instead of for example an url it would match a time/interval.
> > but i know, the whole thing is very request driven.
> >
> > maybe it would also be nice, if a pipeline could be treated like a batch
> > job. request comes in, independed thread will get started and the response
> > comes imediately. but this is (IMHO) another thing.
> A scheduler  should not be part of cocoon, but just another Avalon component,
> since there is nothin cocoon specific about it. You could add the scheduler
> to cocoon with a single line in your role file, if  the scheduler  implements
> Startable.
> There is a Scheduler in Jakarta Cornerstone, but I have never used it and
> don't know, how simple it is, to use Cornerstone blocks in Cocoon.

wouldn't it be cool when Cocoon were totally integrated with
Phoenix/Cornerstone *sigh*

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