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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Heads Up: Cocoon and Web Services
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 20:11:34 GMT
Matthew Langham wrote:
> It does not provide a way of describing the available functions
> (read: pipelines) in a standardized manner (read: WSDL).
> Publish a pipeline (set of pipelines) as a web service accessible via
> SOAP and providing a self-description in WSDL.
> Ok, so then how can we publish a pipeline as WSDL? Well perhaps we can
> use Views for that. Something like a WebService view that the bridging
> class can then turn into WSDL. Axis allows WSDL generation on the fly if
> you append "?wsdl" to the URI. So maybe something there would work.
> I know I am repeating this but: If we think Cocoon can move in this
> direction then we really really need some way of generating WSDL from a
> set of pipelines.
> Imagine firing up Visual Studio .Net and being able to generate a Visual
> Basic program that can call a Cocoon pipeline - just by accessing the
> WSDL that the pipeline has provided.

You actually asked a number of good questions, and made good suggestions on
implementations.  For now, however, I am just going to pick off one
question (i.e., the one posed by the snippets quoted above) and focus on

This question is essentially equivalent to asking "given a schema for an
input and a pipeline, can we predict the schema of the output?".

If you can do that, you have described a <wsdl:operation> which is the
fundamental building block in a web services based architecture.

- Sam Ruby

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