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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject RE: [Schecoon] flow control layer
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 07:52:07 GMT

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002 13:27:34 +0100, Stefano Mazzocchi <>

> Moreover, we must understand that as soon as books start to come out, we
> *must* support technologies for longer cycles, even if this sacrifices
> elegance and architectural beauty.
> I'm sure Carsten and Matthew agree with me here :)

Yes I think we _all_ agree on this - right :) ?.

However the problem is not just books although it is a problem I am familiar
with (back in 1993 I wrote a book on UUCP email and news. In all it had 1
paragraph on this new Thing called the Web. Well guess what happened....).

The far larger problem is the user base. You will only build up a user base
for Cocoon if you keep the technology stable. Users will be plain scared off
if they get the feeling Cocoon is a moving target. There are enough of those
out there already. In addition users are so "near" nowadays that even just
posting remarks, random thoughts, rants (guilty as charged) can cause
"unrest". Look at how quickly things appear on major sites or weblogs.

It is a difficult balance we need - on the one side keeping _good_ (but
perhaps not perfect) techologies stable and on the other hand working to
make Cocoon even better than it already is.

On the one hand we have quite a lot going on to give Cocoon a greater
"architectural" beauty (without there perhaps being a real need to do so)
and on the other hand we have the need to enhance Cocoon to push it further
into the world of XML applications (to make it more usable). And both sides
are great.

And one thing that makes the Cocoon community different to others out there
is that these two sides co-exist without there being too much friction. And
some friction is good anyway.

However, I also feel we need some form of Cocoon roadmap that is publicly
available. What will the next version look like, what will be in it? This
doesn't need to be 100% detailed or even correct - but we must (!) be able
to give the impression that we at least think we know where we're going :-).


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