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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject RE: XML-RPC and Cocoon (Was: How To map:generate XML that has been retrieved from Java without using XSP)
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 17:33:14 GMT
(limited to cocoon-dev so as not to scare off any users :-))

<rant mode>


yes you are quite right. Cocoon should have a portal that is conformant to
the portlet-API and can integrate seamlessly into XML-RPC and SOAP using
WSRP. I think we may get there in about 4 years if we continue at this rate

Sorry to be a bit provocative and I do not mean to offend anyone. Discussion
and base-touching is GOOD. However we also need some form of practicality to
go with it.

Step 1 (as we see it) was the donation of the portal framework and
authentication last week. That may not be compatible to the portlet-api but
hey - it works and is tightly integrated into Cocoon. Pipelines that access
data such as can be integrated as sunlets.

Step 2: If we can now build components that connect to exisiting web
services via XML-RPC and SOAP we would have the next step and open Cocoon as
an ideal web service client platform (including portal). To be honest I do
not care if we use Axis, Apache Soap or code everything by hand - but let's
do it! Sure, WSRP is a way to go but we need to take the first step .. well
.. first.

Step 3: Open up Cocoon as a _server_ platform for web services by providing
access via SOAP. Here it would be good if we can use Axis or something
similar to provide WSDL or similar representations of the hosted services.
This is obviously not as easy as the client side and will need more effort.

</rant mode>

Ok, so there you have the roadmap for CocoonWS :-)


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