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From "Lars Steiger" <>
Subject AW: schedule/batch feature inside cocoon
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 07:23:37 GMT
> On Tuesday 12 February 2002 21:54, Lars Steiger wrote:
> >. . .
> > i've just implemented some kind of html parsing logic
> > inside cocoon, which now looks very nice (thanx to cocoon). but i
> > can't start the whole parsing process as a scheduled task, without
> > using a tool outside cocoon.
> >. . .
> Just curious, what kind of output does your parsing logic produce?

simple xml. the parser is a generator. i call it SimpleTextParserGenerator.
it needs an xml configuration für parsing a text stream. the xml
configuration defines which text fragment goes under which xml node.

> If it's HTML pages, I'd start a tool like wget to retrieve the pages
> from Cocoon and save them in the right place. In that case, though, it
> would IMHO make more sense to use an external scheduling component than
> to integrate one in Cocoon.

yes, first i also thought about an external scheduling component. but such a
process should not be accessible from outside. if i do it with an external
scheduling component, i have to secure this by a password or something like
this. if it can be done inside the sitemap, this process is by default not
accessible from outside. in addition it would be very nice to configure. and
because i try to develop most to all application stuff with cocoon, and i
don't want to use an ejb container yet, i know that such a feature would be
useful for me.

ok, i try to implement something for myself first. if it then looks some
kind of nice, i will inform you about.

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