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From "Lars Steiger" <>
Subject AW: AW: schedule/batch feature inside cocoon
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:57:30 GMT
> On Wednesday 13 February 2002 08:23, Lars Steiger wrote:
> >. . .
> > simple xml. the parser is a generator. i call it
> > SimpleTextParserGenerator. it needs an xml configuration für parsing
> > a text stream. the xml configuration defines which text fragment goes
> > under which xml node.
> >. . .
> Changing topics, but are you parsing "structured text" a la PHPwiki or
> something? I've been thinking for a while (but didn't find time to do
> it yet) that this would be a nice addition to Cocoon, being able to use
> structured text as input.

it is a really simple textparser. the configuration looks for example like
  <data name="offer/residence">
    <begin>&lt;td bgcolor="#0099cc"</begin>
  <iterate name="offer/params">
    <divider>&lt;input type="hidden"</divider>
    <data name="value">
    <data name="name">

as you see, for now i am using it as dirty html parser. and it works so far
for me.
the tags <begin> and <end> defines the border for the string which goes then
to the xml. the name attribute on the <data/> element defines the element
name inside the resulting xml. the parser starts searching the next <begin/>
content after the position the last <end/> content was found inside the
parsing document (in my case html). <iterate/> is useful for tables, where a
string defines the <divider/> between the iterations.

> >. . .
> > yes, first i also thought about an external scheduling component. but
> > such a process should not be accessible from outside.
> >. . .
> ok I see your point now.
> Then what about writing an Action that would block access to your
> pipeline based on the request's IP address?
> (maybe even already feasible with Cocoon today?)
> This would probably be far easier than writing a scheduler, and would
> allow you to use an external tool, provided it runs on the same host.

sounds nice, thanx for the idea ...

lots of thanks,
lars steiger

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