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From Satish_Gunda <>
Subject Embedding fonts - works from command line FOP but not in Cocoon 2
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:18:30 GMT

I have searched the user forum for this and found that a lot of people seem
to encounter the same problem, so I'm posting it here.

After building metrics file and editing config file, I'm able to embed
OCR-B-1 font into a pdf file when I invoke FOP from command line. But when I
do this thru Cocoon, the font is being ignored and the default Times New
Roman font is being used instead. 

I have read the instructions given in the documentation. Tried giving
absolute path and relative path to the metrics file and font file in the
config file. 

My environment is Windows NT/Tomcat 4.0.1/Cocoon 2.

Can you provide pointers where I'm going wrong?



[02.02.14 18:58:29:670 GMT+05:30] 140cf1c7 WebGroup      A SRVE0091I:
[Servlet LOG]: "DEBUG   (2002-02-14) 18:58.29:670   [fop     ]
(/webapp/cocoon/girotest/girotable.pdf) Worker#24/MessageHandler: reading
user configuration file
[02.02.14 18:58:29:960 GMT+05:30] 140cf1c7 WebGroup      A SRVE0091I:
[Servlet LOG]: "DEBUG   (2002-02-14) 18:58.29:960   [fop     ]
(/webapp/cocoon/girotest/girotable.pdf) Worker#24/MessageHandler: reading
user configuration file
[02.02.14 18:58:34:897 GMT+05:30] c382f1c3 WebGroup      A SRVE0091I:
[Servlet LOG]: "DEBUG   (2002-02-14) 18:58.34:897   [fop     ]
(/webapp/cocoon/girotest/girotable.pdf) Worker#24/MessageHandler: setting up
[02.02.14 18:58:36:660 GMT+05:30] c382f1c3 WebGroup      A SRVE0091I:
[Servlet LOG]: "ERROR   (2002-02-14) 18:58.36:660   [fop     ]
(/webapp/cocoon/girotest/girotable.pdf) Worker#24/MessageHandler: unknown
font OCRB,normal,normal so defaulted font to any


<map:serializer name="fo2pdf"
<user-config src="D:/fop-fonts/config.xml"/>


      <font metrics-file="D:/giro/FG_OCRB1.TTF.xml" kerning="yes"
      <font-triplet name="OCRB" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

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