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From "David Ralf" <>
Subject Problem creating SOAP URL with CLI
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:16:36 GMT

In the SOAPHelper the URL instance for calling the SOAP service
is created as such:

this.url = new URL(context, url);

where context is the requesting url.

I'm having a problem with this running in the CLI environment, the
value of context here turns out to be:

"http://@name@ @version@:-1soap/joke"

which is badly formed and thus fails.

I'm not sure if this is a bug in the SOAPHelper, or the
CommandLineRequest which is responsible for putting part of this
badly formed URL together when it's getServerName() is called.

(getServerName() returns "Constants.COMPLETE_NAME" )

Anyways, FYI, I've changed:

    this.url = new URL(context, url);


    this.url = new URL(url);

and I have no problem in CLI or Servlet environments.

I don't know why we need to form the SOAP url relative to
requesting context.



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