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From Peter Royal <>
Subject [TreeProcessor vs Compiled] Behavior of src attribute on action-set elements
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 20:53:46 GMT
Given the following:

<map:action-set name="go_blah">
	<map:act type="blah" src="1"/>
	<map:act type="blah" src="5"/>

and in a pipeline:
<map:act type="go_blah" src="2"/>

In the compiled sitemap, the src parameter on the map:act in the pipeline is 
ignored, the src defined in the action-set is used. In the TreeProcessor it 
is the opposite, the src parameter on the pipeline map:act is used for each 
of the actions in a set. What is the proper behavior?

I really don't care either way, but we need to define the behavior so both 
can do the same. I'd say having the TreeProcessor act like the sitemap would 
be best. Just wanted to bring this up before writing a patch.

ps. TreeProcessor rocks! Development is *much* quicker, well, would be much 
quicker if I wasn't stopping to write patches ;)

peter royal ->

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