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From "Jeremy Aston" <>
Subject RE: [how-to] Contribute with my own tutorial
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 08:08:59 GMT
Hi Fabian

The Cocoon documentation has a tutorial covering a basic application, a
beginners guide (currently called ctwig) which also has links to other sites
and if you search the list archives for "tutorial" you will find lots of
stuff.  For example, you will find links to an article on and the site.  There is quite alot around now on installation,
sitemap config, XML/XSLT transformations and basic XSP.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone can I suggest that you use what
is already there and if you need something else then use examine the current
documentation source, which is XML and follows the Docbook dtd, and then
write what you need in way it can be added to the existing stuff.  The
Cocoon documentation is a bit of a weak link at the moment so the more
contributions to that the better.



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From: TREGAN Fabien []
Sent: 28 February 2002 07:37
To: ''
Subject: [how-to] Contribute with my own tutorial

I'm actually writing a short tutorial in order to allow my boss to decide if
I can use C1/2 instead of writing my own framework from scratch.

When can I check for existing tutorials to see if mine would be of any
interest ?


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