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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: [vote] move tree-processor in the main trunk
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 16:26:47 GMT

> Just to make things clear : sitemap is only one of the possible uses of 
> the TreeProcessor : it's a generic framework for implementing pipeline 
> assembly languages (hence "Processor") with an evaluation tree (hence 
> "Tree").
> The supported languages are defined in treeprocessor.xconf or 
> cocoon.xconf, and the interpreted sitemap is "only" a particular pipeline 
> assembly language implemented using this framework, but we could 
> implement others like Berin's proposal or Daniela Gehle's flowmap (go 
> back to october 2001 in the archives to find them).

Does that mean that XSPs that do not use compiled code fragments (Go 
Python! Go JavaScript! Go JavaBean! Down with Java source code!) can be 
handled by the TreeProcessor?

If this is the case, then the door is open for another aspect of Cocoon to 
support the "dropping in" and automatic configuration of packages.  I'm 
not as up on XSP as I could be, but I get the impression that there is 
currently no support for "contracts" between the different taglibs.  If 
the TreeProcessor supports it, we could package a taglib with a deployment 
descriptor (XML Schema?), drop it into a TagLibs directory, and it would 
all magically work without any fuss.

It might even work on WebLogic too :)


Jason Foster

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