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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject EmailTransformer and unit testing code
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:59:25 GMT
Well I've got got an EmailTransformer I've produced for a current project,
  it's not too elegant at the moment, but it works, and it has some generic 
unit test code that folk might be interested in for testing the processing 
of a transformer - I don't think there's much unit test code in the 
current Cocoon codebase, infact I think I might be responsible for all of 

If anyone can find the time to relocate it appropriately in the cocoon 
class hierarchy, I have a number of bits of unit testing infrastructure 
that might be handy to other folk:

	Mock Classes for Avalon:
	Mock Classes for Framework:
	Mock Classes for Cocoon:

These provide sufficient glue to unit test quite a lot of actions, 
generators and transformers in isolation which could also be handy for 
some kinds of performance testing.

Anyone interested?


On Saturday, February 16, 2002, at 02:36 pm, Mikhail Fedotov wrote:

> Hi!
>> P.S. Anyone interested in a simple EmailTransformer -
>>  i.e. a transformer that interprets email descriptions
>>  and sends emails, but leaves the rest of the document
>>  intact?
> Count me.
> I guess it would be perfect, for example, to get some
>  addresses from database in SQLTransformer and send email
>  to addresses returned, this gives simple way to build
>  maillists, for example.
> But this would be much more useful if SQLTransformer will
>  look like Esql in terms of functionality. As I remember,
>  it is way more simple. Something for my "keep in mind"
>  list until I'll have time for coding this and contribute.
> Mikhail
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