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From Kimbro Staken <>
Subject Re: [provocative] crushing userland
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 00:59:07 GMT

On Friday, February 15, 2002, at 10:42 AM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Oh, generally speaking nothing. In this case, the fact that Cocoon could
> *easily* implement the same stuff and I want Forrest to do it (checkout
> xml-forrest and read the docs to know more!)

You might be underestimating just how much Radio does. There's much more 
to it then just simple blogging. I use it heavily and while I certainly 
think it would be cool to have a replacement built around more modern 
technology I have no real motivation to create one, Radio works just fine 
"most" of the time. It's also cheap and reasonably open, you can hack most 
of the source that runs the thing if you really want. Could it be improved?
  You bet it can, but for Radio users the motivation is low as it works 
pretty well now.

Also it sounds like what you're describing is more of a Manila replacement 
then a Radio replacement.  While the general tech is the same, the 
philosophy and the details are somewhat different. i.e. desktop app vs. 
server app, multi user vs. single user.

There's also some additional intangible appeal to Radio from a community 
perspective. Could this be duplicated? Yes of course, but that will be 
even more difficult.

For me personally I'm also kind of rubbed the wrong way by the "crushing 
userland" idea. I don't subscribe to the Free Software philosophy and have 
no problem using commercial software when it is better then open source 
offerings. This is why I use Mac OS X and it's why I use Radio. One of the 
appeals of the ASF is that it doesn't espouse this fanatical GPL wielding 
philosophy of free software everywhere and this works in our favor by 
being openly friendly to commercial endeavors. If we start founding 
projects with the goal of "crushing company X", that sends a very bad 
signal to those companies that are paying developers to work on ASF 
projects. This is regardless of how wacked out the CEO of company X may be.

BTW, I do actually like the idea of an ASF project for blogging. As a 
developer for Xindice I would certainly love to see such a thing exist 
because it's a logical use of the tech and would show things off pretty 
well. Unfortunately, I "use" Radio as a tool because it makes me 
productive and going to a new and less mature system will destroy that 
productivity. A basic blogging tool won't be enough to get me to switch, 
that's what I used before Radio and I have no desire to go back.

Yep, definitely a provocative idea. :-)

Kimbro Staken
XML Database Software, Consulting and Writing

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