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From "Brian Topping" <>
Subject RE: idle suggestion on building webapps with c2
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 05:02:10 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Donald Ball []
> Subject: idle suggestion on building webapps with c2
> so i was thinking that a (partial) solution would be to make 
> available,
> and maintain, a c2-skeleton distro, with a minimal directory tree and
> configuration files, no sample content, a build file that 
> just builds the
> webapp and can precompile things. sort of a best practices c2 
> skeleton for
> others to use. something like:

I totally agree with this.  If it's too difficult to make a complete
tutorial distro, even making a webapp that could be just unpacked into
cocoon/mount would be a big benefit.

I agree that the greater understanding of *.xconf might only be
available if they are stripped to begin with.  But I wonder if the
effort to maintain this separate distro would be greater than properly
documenting them.  Maybe the tutorial directory under mount could
contain replacement *.xconf that could be moved into position for
beginners to experiment with, without the overhead of the full

More questions than answers, but I agree something is needed.  IMHO it
took too long to get my head around C2, and it must be real murder for
some people that might not have the same benefits of skills that all of
us who "made it" have.  Poor/missing documentation is acceptable when
the project is not mature and subject to significant changes that would
outdate the documentation.  Someone like Vadim that straddles both lists
might have a better idea of whether this is the case, or it just hasn't
been written yet.  (And believe me, that's not a nit, because I can't
step up to the plate to write any docs either...)


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