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From Jason Foster <>
Subject xml-signature
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2002 04:10:54 GMT
Just to toss an idea out into the fray...

Now that the W3 has recommended xml-signature, does it make sense to try 
and figure out how to incorporate it into the Cocoon pipeline model?

I've put a (very) little thought into this and I'm not sure what approach 
makes the most sense.  For documents serialized as XML, then a 
modification to the XMLSerializer should work.  For other serializers 
where you can't easily add XML content, then my guess is that you have to 
go "out of band".
Unfortunately the "definition" of a serializer is that it is the last 
thing in a pipeline.  It isn't (I think) possible using the current 
sitemap semantics to define something that takes place after the 
serializer, which means calculating the signature of the generated content 
is impossible.

Does anyone else see value in this, and if so, how would you add this 

Jason Foster

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