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From "Maciek Kaminski" <>
Subject Re: [Schecoon] flow control layer
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:08:06 GMT
On 27 Feb 2002 at 9:45, Ovidiu Predescu wrote:

Hi Ovidiu,

> Hi Maciek,
> ...
> Yes, that's right. Using inner classes you can implement
> closures. Once you have closures, you can implement continuation
> passing style (CPS) very easy. Furthermore, any program written in a
> language with direct continuations can be translated in a CPS program.
> Nevertheless, I think program in a language with first class
> continuations is much easier to read than the equivalent CPS program.

Sure. That is why cocoon need a flow language. What I want to stress is: it is 
possible to implement flow language direcly in java without scheme layer 
(despite my great enthusiasm for functional languages), and, as You have 
already pointed, it is possible to implement it easily.   

Maciek Kaminski

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