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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: WriteableSource to write anywhere
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 14:26:55 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

>At 12:22 am +0100 23/2/02, Sylvain Wallez wrote:
>>Jeremy, I also quickly updated the FileWritingTransformer so that it
>>uses any WriteableSource instead of just files. Could you please look at
>>it ? Another update would be also to the 'serializer' parameter fully
>>optional so that SAX events are sent directly to the result of
>>WriteableSource.getContentHandler(). This would for avoid parsing the
>>output of the serializer for native XML sources such as xmldb.
>Hi Silvain,
This is spelled "S_y_lvain" :)

>I am just working on a new Transformer, WritableSourceTransformer, that
>will replace FileWritingTransformer and should be able to write to any
>writable source.
>What I do not understand right now is this:
>How do I tell if a particular WritableSource needs the services of a
>Serializer or not?
>'file://' needs one, but XMLDB will not right?
You don't need to know it. A WritableSource must implement both 
getContentHandler() and getOutputStream(). If a serializer is not 
specified to the WriteableSourceTransformer, the SAX events are sent 
directly to the WriteableSource, and the implementation knows if it 
needs (as file:) or not (as xmldb:) to use an internal serializer.

>At the moment, I am working on the assumption that is you have provided a
>Serializer parameter, you want to use a Serializer. But I think this is not
>the best way to do it!
This should be the way. But you will need to provide a serializer to the 
transformer only if the target storage format is not XML. In that case, 
this certainly makes the assumption that the target source is byte-based 
(like file) and not XML-based (like xmldb).

Now what are the uses cases where we don't want to write XML ? There may 
be cases where data is sent to the user or read from the request in a 
non-xml format (such as structured text like discussed earlier about 
Chaperon), but won't it be stored as XML ?


Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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