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From Robert Marcano <>
Subject Re: Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism / Cocoon2 on JDK1.4
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 21:43:02 GMT
I havenĀ“t confirmed it yet, but I think that this is not required if you 
are using Tomcat4 or a compliant Servlet 2.3 container

look at the bottom of the page

"As mentioned above, the web application class loader diverges from the 
default Java 2 delegation model (in accordance with the recommendations 
in the Servlet Specification, version 2.3, section 9.6). When a request 
to load a class from the web application's WebappX class loader is 
processed, this class loader will look in the local repositories first, 
instead of delegating before looking. All other class loaders in Tomcat 
4 follow the usual delegation pattern.
Therefore, from the perspective of a web application, class or resource 
loading looks in the following repositories, in this order:

    * /WEB-INF/classes of your web application
    * /WEB-INF/lib/*.jar of your web application
    * Bootstrap classes of your JVM
    * System class loader classses (described above)
    * $CATALINA_HOME/common/classes
    * $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib/*.jar
    * $CATALINA_HOME/classes
    * $CATALINA_HOME/lib/*.jar"

Davanum Srinivas wrote:

>The Xalan and Xerces implementations built into JDK1.4 are outdated. Cocoon2 won't run
with them. 
>Yes, This will have effects on other applications. The other option is to set TOMCAT_OPTS
>environment variable as follows: 
>This is what happens under the covers when you place the jars in jre\lib\endorsed directory.
>--- Martin Holz <> wrote:
>>Davanum Srinivas wrote:
>>>JDK14 is officially released -
>>>- Download and install JDK14.
>>>- Create a new directory named endorsed under jre\lib.
>>>- Drop xalan-2.2.0.jar, xerces-1.4.4.jar and xml-apis.jar in
>>Why xalan and xerces ? 
>>Sun is talking about the packages org.w3c.dom, org.xml.sax, org.xml.sax.ext 
>>and  org.xml.sax.helpers.
>>Those packages have been moved  from xalan and xerces to  xml-apis.jar 
>>some time ago. Unless Suns documentation is wrong, copying xml-apis.jar 
>>should be enough and copying xerces.jar and xalan.jar may have 
>>nasty sideeffects  on other applications. 
>>>PS: Details on "Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism" is at
>>      Martin
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