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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: XPath-enabled Directory Generator
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:26:16 GMT


> Yes, definitely we should start thinking about when (and how) the move 
> to Excalibur that Carsten is carrying on of the generic Cocoon 
> components (parser, XPath, source) is to be reflected in Cocoon 
> itself. I guess that Carsten is the best one to tell us if and when 
> the porting is complete and how to move the existing codebase to the 
> new package setup. Meanwhile it might be the case to switch back to 
> the Cocoon implementation so that we don't break the existing setup. 
> What do you think?

Well, honesty, i think the code in exalibur is quite exactly the same as 
in cocooon/components.
All i wanted to say:
if xpathdirectory moves from scratchpad to the official cocoon sources,
we should not forget to update the role files.

As cocoon beginners will not manage to setup the cocoon.xconf correctly;
it is some sort-of art to understand the avalon-components, and the 
and where all that stuff is properly configured.....

Probably Carsten is the right one to initiate when the transition-train 
starts rollllliiiinnng.

and it works, and works... great!

ciao bernhard

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