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From Enke Michael <>
Subject Re: Improved the feeled performance!
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 09:03:58 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> Hi Enke,
> > From: Enke Michael []
> >
> > Hi people,
> > as we have a default Buffer of 8192 byte in the AbstractTextSerializer
> > sometimes it takes very long until any result is visible in the
> browser.
> It is configurable in the sitemap.xmap (or cocoon.xconf in latest CVS).
> Use
>  <buffer-size>512</buffer-size>
> parameter to specify buffer size you want.


> > Therefore I introduced an "OutputFlusher" which flushes the
> > BufferedOutputStream
> > per default every 500 ms. Now the pageheader is shown immediately,
> independent
> > of how long it takes to fill 8192 byte.
> There is one issue with solution you are proposing: It uses one thread
> per serializer in the system. It is not very efficient; better solution
> is to use just one thread to manage all buffers. Such manager is already
> implemented in the Avalon, class ActiveMonitor, and can be applied to
> the monitoring multiple output streams. See avalon.excalibur.monitor
> package. And this monitor already declared in the cocoon.xconf - so it
> is ready to use.

As I read the documentation for excalibur.monitor.StreamResource, there is written:
"It can notify the change as soon as the Writer or OutputStream has been closed."

But that is the point: I want to push the bytes to the browser (or the next component
in the pipeline) even if the OutputStream is still open.
Another Question would be: How to configure. Like This:
     <thread priority="5" frequency="10000"/>
       <resource key="...<.W.H.A.T. .H.E.R.E.?>..." class="org.apache.avalon.excalibur.monitor.StreamResource"/>

> ...


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