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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject Don't blame my boss, he is sooo old... (was : RE : [how-to] Cont ribute with my own tutorial)
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 07:25:41 GMT
>> if your .java file is encoded in ascii, 1 octet = 1 char (space en
>> cariage-return count as 1 char :) )
>> So you can gues that finding a bug hidden in 20ko of code is 
>100 times
>> shorted than finding it in 2mo of code.
>This is the funniest complexity metric I ever heard of, even worse than
>LoC (lines of code).
>Proving you wrong is so easy that I would leave it as an 
>exercise to the reader :)

It's not ME who has to be proven wrong !!
But I have to show in my tutorial that I am aware of my boss' fears. I must
agree with him that the lake of docs/tutorial is one of the (really few)
reason why cocoon may cause a few problems to him.
Btw I won't forget to show him how much more problem MY ugly code wil lcause
if he doesn't agree to use C2 ;)

>Anyway, any new contributed doc will be gladly accepted.

Ok, i'm going to have some funny weekends :)

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