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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject RE: [how-to] Contribute with my own tutorial
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 08:21:35 GMT
>Hi Fabian
fabiEn ;) (I'm french, if you had'nt allready guessed)

>The Cocoon documentation has a tutorial covering a basic application, a
beginners guide (currently called ctwig) which also has links to other sites

What i'm trying to do is not a
but more a guide showing :
-why (and how) using the 2mo of .java files from C2 will be more maintenable
and performant than having my own 20ko hand-made framework.
-how C2 can be extended to suit our problème (we are not working with .XML
file but with an old server that must have a brand-new Web client)

wich is not the goal of ctwig.

>and if you search the list archives for "tutorial" you will 
find lots of stuff.

mmm, I've found articles about a tutorial that had been submited but that
no-one wanted to convert to xdoc. I could'nt find the tutorial :)

>For example, you will find links to an article on and the site.  There is quite alot around now on installation,
sitemap config, XML/XSLT transformations and basic XSP.

I've found many 1-page introduction, but nothing that suit my needs yet.


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