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From "Andreas Hartmann" <>
Subject [RT] Website Changes (Was: [Vote] Improving Cocoon Site)
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 10:19:41 GMT

(I don't know if RT is really the right prefix, but I wanted to use one and didn't
know which :-) )

I found an interesting discussion about the Cocoon website in the MARC
some days ago.
In my eyes, it's quite important. A project about a web publishing framework
should have a perfectly usable website :)

If there's some way for me to help, please let me know!
I guess, just making a proposal for a new look won't be very reasonable :-)
Do we have to use the same look&feel as the whole apache/xml site?
Maybe it is hard to accomplish a new look on the whole site at once?

I looked at the new Cocoon site style in the CVS, it's surely an improvement,
but didn't really impress me ...

(2) I think everyone agrees with removing the SVG menu, so do I.
Loading the flyover images takes ages on my computer, I don't know why - I can't blame
it on the connection.

As Stefano mentioned, there was a suggestion for a new look&feel in
the mailing list (an example is given at

I have to make a post to the list, because the menu font is really
too small when you're using small fonts in IE (what makes
the main text be displayed perfectly).

(4) About searching:
If nagoya + Cocoon isn't realizable, why shouldn't we use a search engine?
If anyone could take the time to install it and to update it
from time to time, I would suggest htDig (
It works fine with our company's website.


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