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From "Andreas Hartmann" <>
Subject RE: [how-to] Contribute with my own tutorial
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:15:29 GMT

Hi FabiEn :),

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On 28.02.2002 at 09:21 TREGAN Fabien wrote:

>>Hi Fabian
>fabiEn ;) (I'm french, if you had'nt allready guessed)
>>The Cocoon documentation has a tutorial covering a basic application, a
>beginners guide (currently called ctwig) which also has links to other
>What i'm trying to do is not a
>but more a guide showing :
>-why (and how) using the 2mo of .java files from C2 will be more
>and performant than having my own 20ko hand-made framework.
>-how C2 can be extended to suit our problème (we are not working with .XML
>file but with an old server that must have a brand-new Web client)

That sounds interesting. Getting new users requires showing them
why to use the product. If is no suitable home
for your tutorial, cocooncenter will surely be.

BTW - what does "2mo" and "20ko" actually mean?
I can guess the meaning, but I've never seen it before.
And Google didn't find a quick answer for me ...

>wich is not the goal of ctwig.
>>and if you search the list archives for "tutorial" you will 
>find lots of stuff.
>mmm, I've found articles about a tutorial that had been submited but that
>no-one wanted to convert to xdoc. I could'nt find the tutorial :)

All articles on cocooncenter are written in xdoc (with some additions
to fit the needs of my pages). So, if you wrote your tutorial in xdoc,
it would be easy to publish.


>>For example, you will find links to an article on and the
> site.  There is quite alot around now on installation,
>sitemap config, XML/XSLT transformations and basic XSP.
>I've found many 1-page introduction, but nothing that suit my needs yet.
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