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From Jeremy Aston <>
Subject RE: [how-to] Contribute with my own tutorial
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:33:30 GMT
Apologies Fabien for the typo on your name.

I see what you mean.  I'm not sure that anything
exists that is in the public domain so you may have to
write something yourself.  If you are looking for
something that helps show the benefits of Cocoon over
the ASP/JSP type model then consider points around
separation of logic/content/style.  You might be able
to two of these away from the third with ASP/JSP et al
but try separating all three from each other!  Also, I
know from my own experience that if you start
developing a Java/XML/XSLT web app yourself you will
almost inevitably end up with something that mirrors
the functionality of Cocoon.  Think about components,
database pooling, object pooling, what you would do
about getting a maintainable mix of
logic/content/style.  Cocoon has all these problems
cracked (or at least a good way down the line!).  The
Cost/Benefit analysis will also show that by using
Cocoon you can concentrate on the application you are
developing and not the infrastructure needed to

Forgive my advocacy but I've been at the same
crossroads you are at now several times and Cocoon
makes sense pretty much every time.



 --- TREGAN Fabien
<> wrote: > >Hi
> fabiEn ;) (I'm french, if you had'nt allready
> guessed)
> >The Cocoon documentation has a tutorial covering a
> basic application, a
> beginners guide (currently called ctwig) which also
> has links to other sites
> What i'm trying to do is not a
> but more a guide showing :
> -why (and how) using the 2mo of .java files from C2
> will be more maintenable
> and performant than having my own 20ko hand-made
> framework.
> -how C2 can be extended to suit our problème (we are
> not working with .XML
> file but with an old server that must have a
> brand-new Web client)
> wich is not the goal of ctwig.
> >and if you search the list archives for "tutorial"
> you will 
> find lots of stuff.
> mmm, I've found articles about a tutorial that had
> been submited but that
> no-one wanted to convert to xdoc. I could'nt find
> the tutorial :)
> >For example, you will find links to an article on
> and the
> site.  There is quite alot around
> now on installation,
> sitemap config, XML/XSLT transformations and basic
> XSP.
> I've found many 1-page introduction, but nothing
> that suit my needs yet.
> fabiEn.
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