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From "Jacek R. Ambroziak" <>
Subject more bug fixes
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 18:15:41 GMT
Newest jar @

This time it is XSLTMark's "trend" that is 'fixed'.

I quoted 'fixed'  because the problems discovered are very serious
and the real fix will require more reprogramming.   "trend" works today
and brings back the same results as Saxon and Xalan,
but because of a conceptual bug the computation is O(n^2).

Also, "trend" only helped to point towards a much more fundamental
issue with "preceeding-siblings" -- this error should have been caught
by much more fundamental  quality tests   (just like "alphabetize" before).

In other words some fundamental XPath computations are broken in XSLTC :-(

Next, I am going to work on some Cocoon showstoppers and other
hi priority bugs.  If I could sustain current rate of bug per day
XSLTC should work soon :-)  And it would be a good thing
because I now need it for my commercial work, i.e. I need XSLTC
as a USER!


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