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From Jacek Ambroziak <>
Subject Re: AW: some XSLT benchmarks
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:44:20 GMT
You guys may find another data point interesting...

(I am using Sun's newest 1.4 on Linux)

I reran the test with '-verbosegc' flag gathering GC
info into files.
and then counted Full garbage collections

grep Full gcXSLTC | wc -l
grep Full gcXT    | wc -l

and so on.

The results:

XSLTC    21
XT      140
Saxon   308
Xajan2J 349

In terms of total GCs (full & incr.) 

   2177 gcXT
   3466 gcXSLTC
   3931 gcXalanJ
   4562 gcSaxon

Ratios full GCs/all GCs:

XSLTC  0.006
XT     0.064
Saxon  0.067
XalanJ 0.089

Incemental GCc (for which JVMs optimize) are about 2
of magnitude faster, so It Is A Good Thing  :-) if the
majority of
GC work can be taken care of via incremental GC.

The fewer GCs improve performance in a number of ways.

1) when memory is scarce anyway: PDA, cell phone
2) when on a server XSLT is put to truly heavy duty
   transformation work (heavy load)


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