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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, XForms, ExFormula, Chiba, Struts, etc
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:42:47 GMT
On 13.Feb.2002 -- 03:43 PM, Ivanov, Ivelin wrote:
> I see that Chris is still active on the Cocoon list.

Well, actually, all are committers for cocoon and I'm afraid that I'm
the lest active one among them :-|

> Please let me know if we should keep this discussion in the dev mailing
> list.

Probably the right place for it, yes.

> Being a Cocoon newbie, I might be totally wrong, but
> it appears that the current Cocoon architecture is
> also focused towards HTML form validation (through
> rules for HTTP POST/GET params), but it also does not
> try to deal with other media like SOAP.

Oh, there's some extent of SOAP support in Cocoon. But you're right,
not integrated with form validation &c.

> Additionally data validation can be probably achieved elegantly
> through parser (xerces2) validation against XML Schema.

Yes, that is what we started to investigate. But lack of time and
other more pressing things came in the way.

> Berin, Chris, Torsten and others seem to have made similar observation 
> and have therefore started ExFormula last year. 
> Chiba looks promising too. 

> Can we try to unify and finish the job started, so that Cocoon moves to the
> next level.

There isn't anything on the architecture of chiba available so I have
no idea how closely related chiba to XForms support in Cocoon would

For Cocoon, I see two different and in part unrelated areas:
a) populate the form
b) Given that the client does support XForms, migrate the existing
   actions to be XForms based i.e. make them aware of the changed
   communication protocol.
c) For clients that do not support XForms
   c1) have XForms output translated to XHTML
   c2) have the returned results transformed to an XML representation
       like an XForms aware client would generate.
   c3) validate the input

I'm currently working on decoupling sitemap components from the input
layer, making that plugable. I think it could help with b)

I think c2) would be easy. I'm not quite sure if suitable components
exist already. I believe I came across some that looked quite
promising but didn't investigate it any further.

For c3 it looked like that could be done by e.g. Xerces like you said

Probably c1 is the most complicated part.


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