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From Kimbro Staken <>
Subject Re: [bug] encoding problems
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 16:04:54 GMT

On Saturday, February 23, 2002, at 08:00 AM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> [cross posted because people on the cocoon list might hit this as well]
> I've always tested xindice with english documents, so I didn't notice
> this behavior until today when I imported an italian XML document.

This is a known problem. We have a patch in the queue for some of it, but 
it won't resolve everything.


> I would suggest the XIndice dev community to consider this bug a
> showstopper for the 1.0 final release.

I don't think we should do this. I'd really rather get 1.0 out with this 
limitation noted and then make this an extremely high priority for 1.1. 
Just to be clear I do realize this is a potential issue for many people, 
but fixing it would delay a release by at least a month or more. We've had 
1.0 on the verge of release for almost five months, and right now it's 
stalling the project overall. We have enough other issues that we really 
need to just ship 1.0, clear the blockage and get back to making rapid 

I'm hoping we can ship a 1.1 within a month or so after 1.0. So given that,
  I'd rather just ship 1.0 and follow with 1.1 after. This gets a 1.0 into 
the hands of people who can use it sooner and get's the encoding issues 
resolved in roughly the same amount of time overall. Is this agreeable? I 
know this is critical to get fixed, but for the health of the project (and 
my sanity) I feel it's better to release 1.0 with the existing flaws then 
to continue to hold it.

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