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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject Re: EmailTransformer and Mock Classes Update
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:29:07 GMT
Yes it is a contribution, but being rushed off my feet at the moment I 
didn't want to spend ages re-packaging it only to find that it wasn't 
suitable or of interest.

If it is suitable and of interest, then can you confirm that the following 
would be a suitable approach re: re-packaging?

1. Put the new transform under 
2. Put the utility classes under 
3. Rename the namespace to ""
4. Put the test code in "/src/test/org/apache/cocoon/..."
5. Put the mock classes under their existing package names within 

What do you mean by a stand-alone illustration of the Transformer, and 
where should I put it? (perhaps you could point me at the equivalent for 
one of the existing transformers that I can use as a template)

In submitting diffs against the CVS at Bugzilla, how do I do this - do I 
enter it as a new bug and post the diffs as plain text in the description?

Finally, if the code is in scratchpad and the tests are outside of 
scratchpad I imagine we'll have build problems, do we need a scratchpad 
test area, or should I just put the tests side-by-side with the code in 
scratchpad for separation if/when it moves to the main code?



On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 01:27 pm, Davanum Srinivas wrote:

> Stuart,
> Is this a contribution? If yes, Thanks for your contribution. Can i ask 
> you for a few more
> changes?
> 1. Test cases should be under xml-cocoon2\src\test
> 2. Change com.adolos.cocoon to something more that appropriate.
> 3. A stand-alone sample that can be used for illustration of how to use 
> the Transformer as well as
> for testing...
> 4. Please submit diffs against the latest CVS at Bugzilla (http://nagoya.
> So that
> things don't get lost in the email deluge.
> Thanks,
> dims

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