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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject EmailTransformer and Mock Classes Update
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 02:40:26 GMT
The first real incarnation of our EmailTransformer has been uploaded with 
unit tests and associated mock classes to:


I've taken a look at the David Bigwood's Metatomix SendMailTransformer 
contribution and decided they are sufficiently different that attempting 
to merge them wasn't going to be a quick task.

David's code seems to be a good option for creating emails with HTML 
content - I've made no explicit provision for these in ours though it may 
just work with an included 'file' derived from an HTML source in the 

The key drive for our code was to be able to send emails with attachments 
and inline graphic files.   This version now does that by allowing you to 
reference any source file to be included in the email.  As the file is 
specified in the useful sitemap file reference syntax it is possible to 
include graphics or other files that have been generated through the 
sitemap.  (at least it seems to work :-) )

Here's an example of the syntax:

> <othertags>
>   <email:email xmlns:email="">
>     <email:from></email:from>
>     <email:to>Fred Bloggs &lt;;</email:to>
>     <email:cc></email:cc>
>     <email:bcc></email:bcc>
>     <email:subject>Test</email:subject>
>     <email:text>The body text</email:text>
>     <email:file source="cocoon:/graphic.jpg" name="graphic.jpg" 
> disposition="inline" />
>     <email:text>Some more text</email:text>
>     <email:file source="docs/include.pdf" name="document.pdf" disposition=
> "attachment" />
>   </email:email>
> </othertags>

For multiple recipients the email addresses can be comma delimited or you 
can supply multiple entries.

I've created a NonClosingBufferedInputStream class to enable an 
InputStreamDataHandler to be used to re-read from the same InputStream, 
which feels like a bit of a cludge, but it works.  Any suggestions of a 
more elegant solutions are most welcome!

I've also updated the Mock Classes a little to allow a Source to be 
pre-determined in unit tests.


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