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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: StoreJanitor new calculation [was: Re: Store Janitor Hangs System]
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 19:06:23 GMT
> From: Peter Hargreaves []

> My C2 application is tried and tested ready to be hosted but it needs
too much
> memory - I can't find a service provider that will have me! Most of
them say
> that 64M is more than enough for most people and there must be
something wrong
> with Cocoon if it needs more! That why I've become very interested in
> efficient use of memory.

That's the interesting topic. You know, when you develop/tune/deploy any
application, you should define a trade-off for yourself: speed or
memory? In this case, you might go for reduced memory consumptions and
tune Cocoon to use as less memory as possible. Following ways can be
used, from the top of my head:

 - Remove all unnecessary components from the configuration.
 - Remove memory storage completely, and if you have enough HD space -
use persistent storage instead.
 - Remove stylesheets caching.
 - Decrease component pool sizes, to as low as 1.
 - something else? May be, smaller/cut down versions of xerces/xalan?

As a result you can get "Cocoon Micro Edition", or "Cocoon for Embedded
Applications" ;)

> > I wouldn't concentrate that much on the stores. NOTE: often there
are only
> > 100 objects in the cache. But if you ever seen a Cocoon StackTrace
then you
> > know how much objects we instantiate ;).
> I have come to realise that the stores can represent very little
memory, but
> it's not clear to me whether this will remain the case. So, my
> concerns are that the sj's checker should not inadvertently undermine
> performance or memory consumption.

It is configurable, you can always keep stores in shape :)


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