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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: AW: Creating An eXist Generator for Cocoon
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:13:54 GMT
> From: Gianugo Rabellino []
> Christofer Dutz wrote:
> > First of all. We are developing this Generator for testing reasons.
> > We had a look at the Cocoon 2.0 Sources and couldn't find any
efforts to
> > support XML:DB, so we thought this wasn't going to be supported
until a
> > Final release of the XML:DB API.
> There is full support for XML:DB in 2.0.1.

Copy that.

> > The other reasons we wanted to create a Generator for eXist was that
> > modified the database in a way that users are able to
> > instantiate/start/stop eXist from within a simple Servlet and make
> > calls ( not over http- or rmi-calls ). A lot of users had the
> I would say that an XSP page/taglib would be enough for this...
> a specific Generator would be confusing since it's meaning would not
> really generate but control eXist.

Better yet is to write ExistServer component implementing Server, take a
look at the HSQLDBServer (except the missing stop server feature,
everything is on place). It will be started at Cocoon startup, and
stopped on Cocoon shutdown.

> > The other thing was that we wanted to test the performance-gains we
> > by passing the internally used SAX-events directly to Cocoon and not
> > serializing to XML and then to SAX again and not by using some
> > level protocol to transport the data.
> > I don't think this can be done via the standard XML:DB API. If not
> > please correct me.
> XmlResource.getContentAsSAX(ContentHandler handler) :) It's up to the
> impl to decide whether to pipe SAX events locally or
> serialize/deserialize/parse/whatever.
> > Another question to the XML:DB Generator. We also wanted to create a
> > Serializer or Transformer to store results and transformed
> > in eXist. Is there already a way to do this with any component ?
> Scratchpad has an XML:DB Transformer which does this and more :)



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