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From "Paolo Scaffardi" <>
Subject Recursive mount bugs?!?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:08:17 GMT
I'd like to let the user enter a minimal url like "/cocoon/" and let
every directory sitemap redirect it to default subdir or page.

/cocoon/ -> (processed by /cocoon/sitemap.xmap) -> admin/.auto
/cocoon/admin/.auto -> (processed by /cocoon/admin/sitemap.xmap) ->
config/.auto (/cocoon/admin/
/cocoon/admin/ -> (processed by /cocoon/admin/sitemap.xmap)
-> general (/cocoon/admin/config/general)

Then, i have many subdirectories and one sitemaps for each of these. I
mount recursivly in this way:

<map:match pattern="*/**.auto">
	<map:mount uri-prefix="{1}" src="{1}/" check-reload="yes"

The problem is that i discovered that when processing a URI like
"config/.auto" in the "/cocoon/admin/sitemap.xmap", the pipeline
processor seems not to match the URI with current sitemap pipeline but
with the previous one, defined into "/cocoon/sitemap.xmap".

There's something wrong in that. When mounting a sub-sitemap, it should
be processed with the stripped uri without interfering with current
sitemap existing pipelines.

What should i do?

Cordiali saluti,
Paolo Scaffardi
via Macanno 32 , 47900 Rimini (ITALY)
Tel. 0541 383294 
Fax. 0541 387086

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