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From "Ruud Diterwich" <>
Subject inter-pipeline communication
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 12:14:10 GMT
Hi there,

I'm fairly new to cocoon, and especially to the programmer's api, so
forgive me if I'm way off here. What I'm trying to do is to 'call'
pipelines. Although this could be achieved by using the
CIncludeTransformer, with the source set to a pipeline entry, I'd like
to pass on a parameter in the form of an xml document. The way I solved
this now is to build a DOM from the parameter xml, store it in the
session and grab it back again using a specialized generator in the
called pipeline. I'm wondering if there is a more efficient way to solve
this, preferably by not using the session and by streaming the parameter
xml directly into the called pipeline.

Ruud Diterwich

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