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From "Greg Weinger" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Access Control (was [RT] Cocoon as OS)
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 20:04:21 GMT
> > That's precisely what I'd like to avoid : write an authenticator for
> > each and every servlet engine my app has to run on, including those
> > know nothing about :(
> >
> > This is IMHO a major problem in J2EE. Could JAAS help here ?
> IIRC, JAAS know is part of the J2EE. Am I right? Then yes, it must be
> the missing link here.

Aha, it's in JSDK 1.4, and that looks like the abstraction layer to AC I
was looking for.  Still not sure how it works exactly, and if it's
straightforward enough to obviate the need for some kind of AC in
Cocoon.  I've got some reading to do . . .

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