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From "Paolo Scaffardi" <>
Subject BUGS: <session:get-attribute> and <esql:query>
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:56:54 GMT
I recently updated to Cocoon 2.0.2dev, from an old project running with
the 2.0rc1, and i discovered many bugs that i reported many months ago.

1) <session:get-attribute> always expands into
getAttribute(objectModel,name,default) prototype, even if you specify or
not the "default" parameter. This is not correct, because of you cannot
use the other prototype getAttribute(objectModel,name) that returns null
when the attribute doesnt exist. This should be corrected by leaving
blank the value-for-default template if the default parameter does not
exist, and adding that parameter into the call to getAttribute, only if
not blank.

2) <esql:query> does not expands special java characters such as " into
equivalent sequence \". 

I have some other problems that i'll study before posting here.

Bye bye!

Cordiali saluti,
Paolo Scaffardi
via Macanno 32 , 47900 Rimini (ITALY)
Tel. 0541 383294 
Fax. 0541 387086

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