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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject maybeupload not so maybe?
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 23:18:15 GMT

I've been working on a slimmed-down version of Cocoon to base our new
site upon. Apart from the DELI stuff which Carsten tackled nicely (how
could we live without Carsten over here?), I had some troubles in
getting rid of maybeupload dependencies.

I managed to get Cocoon up & running without maybeupload after removing
the jar from the lib\optional directory and compiling, so the dependency
checking works well.

What 'annoyed' me was the fact that I could not got Cocoon running by
simply compiling (with the maybeupload.jar in place), and removing all
references to it in cocoon.xconf and the sitemap.xmap, an approach which
worked fine for other optional components... simply because I didn't
manage to find any references to maybeupload in cocoon.xconf.

After deploying Cocoon without maybeupload.jar, the Servlet
initialization hung upon a ClassNotFound Exception, obviously looking
for maybeupload.

So where on earth are there references to it in cocoon.xconf? Or the
stock sitemap? Or do I really need to get rid of the jar prior to

Steven Noels
(+32)478 292900

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