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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject Re: Store Janitor Hangs System
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:33:11 GMT

>> Everything no problem *if* the Store interface would have a method like
>> <code>int size()</code>. But it doesn't provide this in the moment. And
>> all no how people react, when we change a work interface. But I can
>> the implementation of <code>Enumeration keys()</code> and determine so
>> size elements in the store. That would be possible.
>> 1/10 I like. Half is a little bit <german>krass</german>. Think about
>> chain picture Stefano drawed.
>Yes, 1/10 might be more effective in most cases. But remember there are
>typically 3 stores (I don't know why or whether this varies), so a krass
>half might be a not so krass 1/6 really! Remember it typically takes 2-3
>seconds for each iteration if gc is called - so how long would it take
>to empty (or reduce by say 99%) if that is necessary?

<german>Nein</german>, there is only one Store in the next release. But the
StoreJanitier should nevertheless be able to handle one or more Stores.

>If you loose half of a store, will it be the least used half? If so it
>is probably a lot less used that the most used half - don't you think?
>So the effect on performance of loosing it might be only 10 percent or
>much less?
>Maybe the percent reduction on each iteration should be <dare I say it>a
>settable parameter</dare I say it>?

That is maybe a good idea.


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